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Reference ID Created Released Classification Origin
07MOSCOW3998 2007-08-15 11:52 2011-08-30 01:44 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Moscow


DE RUEHMO #3998 2271152
R 151152Z AUG 07

C O N F I D E N T I A L MOSCOW 003998 
E.O. 12958: DECL: 06/15/2017 
Classified By: Charge Daniel A. Russell.  Reason 1.4 (b and d). 
1.  (C) Post has identified Russian/Guinean citizen Georges 
Blemou and his family for referral to the U.S. Refugee 
Admissions Program.  Blemou has been subjected to repeated 
assaults based on his race.  In 2001, he was shot and pushed 
from a balcony, falling four stories, by unidentified 
attackers.  His injuries from that incident have left him 
disabled.  His wife, a Ukrainian citizen, is unable to obtain 
citizenship in Russia.  His two-mixed race children have also 
been subjected to constant harassment at school and by 
neighbors.  According to a psychologist working with the 
family, the treatment has left both children emotionally 
2. (SBU) Names and biographic information is as follows: 
Blemou, Georges 
DPOB:  15 September 1957, Guinea 
Linkevich, Elena Vladimirovna 
DPOB: 21 March 1967, Ukraine 
Blemou, Mariya-Madelen Zhorzhevna 
1 July 1999, Russia 
Blemou, Ann Kristin Zhorzhevna 
DPOB: 4 November 2002, Russia 
3.  (C) Blemou arrived in Russia in 1979 as a student from 
Guinea and obtained Russian citizenship in 1998 as the result 
of his marriage to a Russian woman.  She died, and he married 
Linkevich in 2001.  The couple have two children, both girls, 
who are racially mixed. 
4.  (C) In June 2001, Blemou was attacked by four 
unidentified men who forced their way into the family's 
apartment.  Blemou was cut, sprayed with an unknown chemical, 
and then shot in the chest.  Trying to escape from the attack 
by crawling out onto the fire escape, Blemou was pushed off 
by his assailants and fell four stories.  Throughout the 
attack, the attackers screamed racial epithets at him. 
Blemou was hospitalized for 11 days and unable to work for 
two years.  Police refused to investigate the case, and there 
has been some indication that the attackers may have been 
police officers.  He has been declared an invalid by the GOR. 
 Blemou told us he continues to experience discrimination and 
threats as a result of his race, although he has been able to 
return to work.  In 2005, he was beaten on a Moscow street by 
unidentified attackers and said he fears for his safety. 
5.  (C) Linkevich told us that she has tried repeatedly to 
obtain Russian citizenship on the basis of her marriage, but 
that Russian authorities have refused to grant it to her. 
Although reasons for the refusal are not clear, she believes 
they are based on her marriage to Blemou.  Moreover, 
Linkevich said that her children have been harassed and 
threatened on the basis of their skin color.  Her older 
daughter was moved to four different kindergartens because 
teachers and other students discriminated against her.  She 
has subsequently been mistreated by teachers and other 
children at school and by neighbors to such a decree that she 
needed psychological counseling.  According to a 
psychologist's report, she suffers from anxiety, low 
self-esteem, and emotional distress.  The family removed Ann 
Kristin from nursery school after only three months after 
being overtly discriminated against by staff. 
6.  (C) We request Department acceptance of this referral 
because of the record of persecution of the Blemou family 
based on the race of Georges Blemou and his children. 
Despite the brutality of the assault, police refused to 
investigate and no one has ever been arrested.  Moreover, the 
abuse suffered by the Blemou children has been so pervasive 
that they are suffering emotionally and are unable to obtain 
an education.  Because of the rampant discrimination that the 
younger child has experienced in nursery school and 
kindergarten, her parents have held her out of school, and so 
she has not been able to receive an education. The migrants 
NGO Civic Assistance supports this case.  Passport 
information will be provided separately.  We request 
Department response soonest. 


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